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SCC names squads for upcoming Hong Kong CC tour

SCC club captain and sometimes HotDogs coach Dayne Wotton has announced the squads for the upcoming Bokhara Bell matches against Hong Kong CC at Wellington College on the weekend of September 5th and 6th. The teams for Saturday's 50 over match and Sunday's T20 match are listed below with HotDogs players highlighted with an asterix

Saturday September 5th - Bokhara Bell, 50 overs

*Dayne Wotton 

Sanjay Anugula

Deepak Nautiyal

*Dave Terrington

Ankit Kawatra

Yousuf Khan

Sajid Anwar

Kevin Wright

Gary Wright 

Nick Lalgie

Razaq Mahmood

*Danny Hooper 


Sunday September 6th - T20

*Dayne Wotton

Sameer Jolly 

Desmond DeSilva

*Alex Cumming

Mehmood Afridi

Sid Sinha

Santosh Yadav

Alistair Darby

Deepak Nautiyal

Mei Hua

Sajid Anwar 

*Vaibhav Krishnan


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Good Luck Boys!!