Hotdogs Cricket Shanghai


Shanghai Night Sixes 2015

Saturday October 31st 5pm-11pm

D2 end of season report

There was a point midway through the season when it was decided that this year   Hotdogs should treat D2 as a development side.  Danny had already nobly fallen    on his sword, tearfully announcing to specially selected representatives of    Shanghai’s media that he would take the fall for the team’s early losses, but the    change at the top did little to address the team’s performances.  If anything it    made things worse. Under Captain Hooper, Hotdogs were defeated by the Digital   

D1 match report: Bad light stops Ram scoring a century in win

   With the semi-final dream still very much the D1 side gathered at SRFC for a must win game against Bashers CC, with Malpy sunning himself on the beaches of Benidorm it was again left to Dayne to lead the troops. The task would have been easier if JJ had turned up, but thankfully Andy showed all his Steele and filled in to bring the team back to 11. The HotDogs took to the field looking to continue their good bowling and fielding form from the previous game.

D2: HotDogs Versus Leopards match report

The Division 2 boys finished their season on Thursday September 3rd looking to finish on a high and claim their 2nd win of the season. After a season of pre-match team talks consisting of "Sorry I'm late, I'm still pretty drunk, thanks for turning up, let's try to have fun", skipper Alun arrived at the ground with fire in his belly and a pre-battle speech that was Churchillian in it's delivery. What followed from his troops can best be described in one very simple picture...


The D1 quest to retain SCC championship final gets underway!

   It is fair to say that this season has been a bit of a hangover for the reigning D1 champions but with just 3 games to go the dream of retaining the championship is alive again! With a strong looking team finally assembled for once this season, with noticeable absences of James, now sadly departed back to the UK, sandwich artist JJ, and Malpy, who had to fly home to deal with rumours that his browsing history was the cause of the recent glitch in the HSBC computers.

SCC names squads for upcoming Hong Kong CC tour

SCC club captain and sometimes HotDogs coach Dayne Wotton has announced the squads for the upcoming Bokhara Bell matches against Hong Kong CC at Wellington College on the weekend of September 5th and 6th. The teams for Saturday's 50 over match and Sunday's T20 match are listed below with HotDogs players highlighted with an asterix

Saturday September 5th - Bokhara Bell, 50 overs

*Dayne Wotton 

Sanjay Anugula